About Aegi's Cafe

This is a virtual cafe. A place to explore a small, wholesome, fictional world in my head. Here, you can (soon) meet characters, explore places big and small. Exploration will commence by pieces of writing, artwork, recipes and more.

Aegi's Cafe is located in the small town of Dew and Meadow, surrounded by dense forest on one side and dunes and the sea on the other side. The meadow is mostly a place of quiet, but especially during summer it's a popular desination with travelers from all over.

About the webmaster

Discord: Aegithalos#5974

Hi, I go by Aegi on here! I'm a twenty-something girl who is very excited to have found Neocites, after an entire childhood of making websites on various hosts. (of which Geocites was one, ofcourse) I also spent a large amount of time on pet pages on Neopets. I've always loved websites that created their own little worlds, so I thought I'd make this website into one. I like making illustrations, writing, doing pixelart... and I hope to showcase all that and more.

I really dislike the way you're expected to showcase your art nowadays. I really don't want to use Facebook/Instagram anymore and the lack of creativity you can put into your profile is... blah. So I'm really happy to be finding artists on here and follow their sketchbook. Are you an artist? Leave a comment in my guestbook and I'll check out your site. ♥


  • Studio Ghibli
  • Animal Crossing
  • Cosy indie games like Nights in the Woods, Stardew Valley, Spiritfarer, a Short Hike
  • Pokemon/Digimon
  • (Bullet) Journalling
  • Birds (and all animals)
  • Cooking & Baking
  • Star Wars/Star Trek
  • Dungeons & Dragons

Currently... (Nov 2020)

  • ...playing Hades
  • ...drinking hot chocolate
  • ...sketching with Tombow brush markers
  • ...going on regular runs (well, trying)
  • ...taking care of my cockatiel