02.12.2020 // New pixelart!

New pixelart added to the cafe and the digital garden.

30.11.2020 // Cafe has a counter!

Pixeled a decent counter today as well as some chalk boards for navigation. Trying to be bolder with my use of colors and kinda digging it.

29.11.2020 // Snacks & exploration

Places some vending machines right outside the cafe and placed some signs.

28.11.2020 // New styling all around

Implemented a bunch of new global CSS to match the pixelart better, did new header image thing. Slowly gonna work on creating cute pixelart for all main pages now.

27.11.2020 // Web experiments, splash screen

Just reuploaded /everything/ because I honestly forgot what I editted and what not.

26.11.2020 // Digital garden

I planted the first seedlings in my digital garden. There will be lots of things there, probably! Mostly ramblings. And TUNES. And sketchbook work. Updates about the content there will be added to the index.html of the digital garden.

Also styled my guestbook and added links for mutuals.

25.11.2020 // Observatory is up!

BIG UPDATE! I just added the observatory, which you can reach through the explore menu item. It has autoplay and is best experienced on a desktop. I should make some icons for those indicators...

23.11.2020 // SO MANY IDEAS

I have so many ideas to make my cafe this small, cosy, interactive place where you can click around and explore.

22.11.2020 // Cafe in progress

This place will be a virtual cafe for you to relax. We're still heavily under construction, but feel free to grab a cup of coffee and a cookie and wait for the official opening!

21.11.2020 // Hello again

Long time no see. It's been a good while since my true joy for web creating died, and it died when websites like Geocities and Websitemaker, etc went down. I remember the Pokemon fansites, the adoptable pixels, endless personal pages that one could just bear to look at. And now I found it again. Or well - I hope I can dig into that nostalgia, and truely get creative again, not bending to the rules my web design education has laid upon me, but breaking them with intent.

I still have to figure out a purpose, but I know it'll come organically, like it used to in the olden days.